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Posted on May 18, 2019

Computers may look sturdy and you may be amazed at the vast amount of data they can hold but they are surprisingly vulnerable, too. Power surges, not shutting down properly, careless usage, and physical damage caused by falling or other physical force can shut down your computer for good and you ...

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Posted on May 17, 2019

Data is a major part of modern life as we all leave millions of bytes both online or offline in the form of photos, videos, text documents, and many others. This information is often irreplaceable in the case of data loss and can prove catastrophic to the user especially if you fail to secure a b...

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Posted on May 17, 2019

Hard drive recovery service companies are not as plentiful as a local Google search might show, as many computer repair shops pose as data recovery services in attempts to get customers. They'll take your hard drive, give you an estimate and then outsource the work!

Hard Drive Recovery Group is ...

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Posted on May 16, 2019

Whether young or old, the amount of data you save on your device will inevitably far exceed what your device’s storage capacity can usually hold. It is why secondary storage devices like flash drives and external hard drives are popular nowadays - mainly to meet the growing storage needs of the p...

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Posted on May 16, 2019

Typing in data recovery near me into your smart phone is another way to ensure you can find the closest data recovery service nearby. But is it the best data recovery service?

Hard Drive Recovery Group has offered data recovery to citizens of LA, Orange and Riverside counties since the 1990s, an...

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Posted on May 15, 2019

For the longest time, most Mac users felt that their Apple computers were invincible and far more superior than their Windows contemporaries. For the most part, it is true but Mac computers can fail too when abused and improperly cared for. The options are similar to other devices when it comes t...

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Posted on May 15, 2019

If you've never experienced a RAID array failure, or multiple disks crashing within a RAID disk set, you need to know one thing: this data recovery job is for professionals. Attempting to restore a RAID 5 array, as an example, using amateur techniques is an expensive way to learn the hard knocks ...

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Posted on May 14, 2019

Some people attempt to DIY solutions to more common computer problems but it is not often possible for bigger storage infrastructures like RAID servers. Similar to how your average computer is vulnerable to wear and tear and can break down over time, RAID servers aren’t immune to these problems a...

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Posted on May 14, 2019

Seeking out a data recovery service is not always as simple as it seems. Sadly, many poorly equipped computer repair shops advertise as offering data recovery, when in reality they simply outsource your drive, collect your cash, and profit.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is an actual data recovery se...

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Data Recovery Services

  • RAID Recovery - Free Pickup And Estimate

    RAID recovery is one of the most critical business data recovery services, and requires specialized experience, skill and equipment. Because RAID 5, 6 and 10 servers are typically the most common storage platform for mission critical applications like Microsoft Exchange and Oracle, RAID repair is a highly sought after emergency data recovery service. Multiple RAID drive failures can mean that only a RAID data recovery service technician can truly restore the data using clean room data recovery and specialized techniques. Hard Drive Recovery Group offers complete RAID data recovery services for all manufacturers and models, including HP ProLiant servers, Dell's PowerEdge servers and IBM ServeRAID, among many others. Free pickup on all RAID 5 and RAID 10 recovery jobs throughout Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties.
  • Hard Drive Recovery - Free Estimates

    Hard drive recovery is our core service, and extends to a wide variety of makes and models, with our main focus being Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and HGST hard disk drives. Spindle and platter HDD units are bound to fail inevitably, and when they do, they typically require clean room data recovery. Not all hard drive crash or failure instances mean that the drive automatically needs physical hard drive data recovery, but our trained data recovery engineers can provide you with the best and most affordable recovery options. No matter how damaged your hard drive may seem, it's extremely likely we can recover all of its data.
  • Tablet, Notebook and Laptop Data Recovery - Free Quote

    Laptop data recovery has always been one of our most popular recovery services, mainly because portable computers are always subject to damage that PCs are not such as liquid spills, electrical damage and blunt force from accidental drops. While we have recovered laptop drives since our inception, we currently specialize in Dell Inspiron and Latitude, HP Envy, Pavilion and X360, Asus Zenbooks, Apple MacBook Air and Pro models. Whatever your laptop is, we are certified to provide data recovery for it.
  • Mac Data Recovery - Free Estimates

    Mac data recovery has been a key specialty data recovery service for us since we were founded, and we have recovered all models of Apple's Mac computer, including iMac, MacBook Pro and Air and Mac Pro models. Mac hard drive failure occurs relatively less than PC drive failure, but not every hard drive recovery service can work on the former. We are fully certified to provide Mac hard drive recovery by Apple.
  • SSD and Hybrid Drive Recovery - Free Estimates

    While Hybrid Drive and SSD recovery are not as common as basic HDD recovery, more and more customers request it as the years go by. Today's laptops almost always feature SSD (Solid State Drives), and they do tend to fail after repeated use. No matter the make or model, our SSD data recovery service will work for you.


2 days ago
After discussing my case with a number of data recovery services, I decided that Hard Drive Recovery Group was easily the most competent company, and went with it. They guaranteed that if they couldn't recover my data, they wouldn't charge, which was really not much to ask, but other providers were hell bent on charging an evaluation fee. I won't lie, I wanted this data recovery done cheap, and these guys fit the bill. Five star company, without a doubt!
- Troy H
23 hours ago
I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of shipping my damaged hard drive half way around the country, but I'm definitely glad I did! Every other provider I spoke to was very dismissive, but my Hard Drive Recovery Group rep, Lou, was really friendly and helpful throughout the process. I was also very pleased with how affordable my data recovery was. This company is top notch!
- Immanuel K
a week ago
Hard Drive Recovery Group was quick to respond to me, and their overall customer service was excellent. They provided me with a free data recovery evaluation for my MacBook, and also mentioned that if they couldn't recover the data, I wouldn't be charged. It's nice peace of mind, for sure. Fortunately, they were able to recover my entire Mac drive, and at a price I could deal with. Highly recommended!
- Claire W

Orange County's Data Recovery Service

Your search for a well equipped, experienced data recovery service in Irvine is over. Hard Drive Recovery Group provides safe, secure hard drive data recovery for Mac and PC hard disk drives, both via software and clean room data recovery. Each day, we recover thousands of megabytes of files and data for individuals and companies across North America.   

Data Loss Happens   
The biggest problem when it comes to data loss is that people are rarely ready for it! Even with the most consistent data backup plan, difficulties can arise. It also follows that the more complex your system is (e.g. a RAID 5 array using an Oracle or Microsoft Exchange Server), the more important the data.   

Hard Drive Recovery Group has long been the choice for data recovery in Orange County. Although our focus has always been national, we do take pride in servicing our local customers in the Anaheim and Irvine areas including Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and more distant locations like Long Beach and Tustin. 

We focus on finding you the most affordable, efficient hard drive recovery solution possible. We are also the only data recovery service in the industry to offer 24 hour turnaround on RAID recovery jobs, as well as overnight expedited hdd recovery shipping.  

Looking on a map, you can find us near the Irvine Metrolink just off of the Interstate 5. All our RAID recovery clients in Orange County, along with the Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties, enjoy free server pickup. One call is all it takes.   

Looking For A Local Hard Drive Recovery Service 
A hard drive crash can often trigger a panic that leads customers to head to Google and search for "data recovery near me". This is always the best case, as a local provider like Hard Drive Recovery Group can quickly assess your hard drive, provide a quote, and then immediately get started on either software based or clean room data recovery. 

When a hard disk fails, you don't always want to ship it across the country, especially when local data recovery companies can provide the expertise and experience required for any type of hard drive recovery. 

Your Full Service Hard Drive Recovery Shop 
While hard drive data recovery and RAID recovery have always been our key services, modern devices have changed this focus markedly. Smart phone recovery is one of our most popular services, along with tablet, SD card and laptop data recoveries. 

Hybrid drive and SSD recovery is also something most people do not even conceive of, but much like spindle and platter HDD units, these drives do also wear out. 

Mac data recovery has also been a popular service, and a focus that ensured our company was certified by Apple at our inception in the 1990s. So if your MacBook Pro or Air, Mac Pro, iMac or iPhone appears to have lost data - worry not: our Mac specialists can handle it. 

Our RAID recovery service, meanwhile, has adapted to include NAS and SAN appliances, as well as backup tape recovery. If you have an enterprise level server with a failed RAID array, we are certified to fix it - often in as little as 24 hours.   

Avoid Computer Repair Shops 
It is really critical for data recovery service seekers to understand that it is quite rare for most computer repair shops to offer in-house hard disk recovery services for failed hard drives. Although many of these shops do claim to offer hard drive recovery services, the majority are only equipped to fix software related data losses such as partition table recovery or logical recovery. 

When your damaged hard drive does require professional data recovery, the shop will often claim to perform the service, while secretly outsourcing it to a professional data recovery service like Hard Drive Recovery Group. 

By going direct instead, you can save from 10-50% of your overall costs, AND save time. This is a key advantage to dealing with a professional data recovery company. 

Get To Know Our Engineers 

While our reputation has always been as one of the most affordable data recovery services in the US, we also have a focus on personalized, local service. While clean room data recovery doesn't always come cheap, we recognize that most people prefer to meet the real people responsible for their data recovery job because it provides far more peace of mind. 

And if your data recovery need is urgent, you may want to consider our expedited services, which can guarantee your hard drive or RAID array is fully recovered within 48 hours or less. 

Stay local with the Hard Drive Recovery Group and you get world class data recovery at an easy to access location in Irvine. Visit us today at our lab that is just off of Interstate 5. You'll be glad you did!

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